Who Killed Robert?

| February 26, 2016

The name’s Timberlee, John Timberlee.  I solve things for a living. So, when I heard that the museum owner “died,” I had the slightest urge to go and investigate.

I arrived at the museum at 8:37AM.  When you’re a detective, you record the time to see how long you have been investigating.  I walked through the empty museum, which was now the crime scene.  But, rats!  Of course, the museum is closed today.  What museum is open when the owner has just died?  It was a foggy day.  One of those days your spirits are let down.

All of a sudden, a man jumped from behind the bushes and said, “Run, before he gets you!”  The man was scrawny and his face had a frightened look.

“Who?” I asked the person who killed Robert, the owner.

“I-I saw him,” he said.

Witness number one, I thought.  “Can you describe him to me, so I can take a sketch?” I asked.

“I don’t want to catch him,” he replied.  “I want to leave!”

“What about the other people?  Don’t you want the place to start again?”  I asked him.

“Fine,” he finally said.

After another hour, I had drawn the suspect, and had found a knife next to the ticket booth.  It could have been the booth guy, but then it would have been in front of many people.  Then, the police arrived.

“I am Oven Nophs, and I am here to investigate the crime scene,” the man said.  He had a mustache and looked tough. He and his men searched the area.  He secretly put the knife in his pocket.

“Officer,” I said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“I think I found the criminal.”

“Who?” he said.  He looked nervous.

“It was you!” I blurted.

“Huh?” the officer looked over more puzzled.

“Hence, I’ll connect all the dots.  You were admitted into the police the same day the owner died, and you hid the knife.  The evidence didn’t show anyone.  If I rip off your fake mustache, you look exactly like this portrait.”

The crowd gasped.

“And Oven Nophs isn’t even your real name is it, Von Shtopn?”

The crowd gasped again.

“Also, Robert is not dead.  I found a knife next to the booth.  He used it to distract, but it had no blood on it!”

That was it!  The mystery was solved, and just in time!  It was 1:34PM.  The criminal was cuffed!

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