When I Saw the Sea Horses

| July 18, 2013

It seemed like I was in a dream, but this was real. When I was in Hawaii last year to celebrate my 8th birthday, I got to touch sea horses at a sea horse farm. When my mom and I arrived there, the place looked like an old barn. But my mom told me that we were at the only sea horse farm in the world. ‘Wow, really,’ I remember thinking to myself. I was curious and couldn’t wait to enter the place. I soon learned sea horses eat shrimp. I got to hold a cup before passing it down to my sister Maylin. She said it was amazing. After that we got to see and feed the sea horses.

I was wondering what I was going to see next, and I got my answer, as I saw orange, red and yellow-colored sea horses. But the rarest one I saw was the dragon sea horse; there are only six of them left in the entire world, and most of them are found in Australia. After that, I got to hold them at last. I was feeling a bit nervous until I held one, and it tickled. After that, we went to the gift shop, where I got a necklace and earrings.

Another wonderful thing we did in Hawaii was spend time at the beach. When I got there, I saw fish, big rocks, crabs and shells. The water was so calm that I asked my mom how come the waves were that way. She said it was because the current was weak. As we were talking, Maylin began splashing and walking deeper in the water. I yelled for her to stop. My mom said it was OK because she had extra clothes on. Then I jumped in with her and immediately saw some fish. I tried to catch one, but it swam away. Spending time in Hawaii for my birthday was a memorable trip I’ll never forget.


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