The Virus

| December 17, 2014

A long time ago there was this place called Taiwan. It was sunny and moist until something bad happened. The world became pitch dark. Everybody screamed and ran home.

At night, a spooky night, a scary, spooky night, people were changing into violent monsters. Their eyes were turning dark green or violent red. And then their nails became as sharp as fangs. They did not yet attack.

When day came, it was like night came, just with a little more light. There were only sixteen people left. All the others caught the virus. But sixteen people didn’t dare to go out. Luckily they were all in the same room and in the same lab.

When the scientists studied the virus, they noticed it had spread. They tried to warn Australia but it was too late. Then they told USA to get ready for a mysterious virus that was unknown. “What kind of virus?” asked the scientists in California. “An unknown zombie virus,” replied the scientist in Taiwan.

Another creepy night had arrived. During the night, the first thing they heard was the ground rumbling, then holes in the road started to appear, and violent monsters covered the streets.

In Taiwan, the zombies started breaking the doors. Then all sixteen scientists fainted and disappeared. And the first island was wiped out by an unknown virus.

In Australia, all of the people caught the virus except one. But he went out in day. “Hello,” said the man. At that night, he caught the virus. He turned into a zombie and disappeared. And the virus was still unknown.

As it spread three miles a second, the scientists in California were trying to figure out the virus’ name. Then they figured out that its name was lost in history.

The virus was spreading so fast that it covered the Earth. But only one state survived. It’s California. In fact nobody turned into a zombie. But nobody knew California had a shield. The shield would only appear when something bad was happening.

The scientists discovered where the virus came from. It was a man-made virus. It came from an explosion in Taiwan.

Now they were trying to figure out how to get rid of the virus. They first tried Tonic Fuse but the scientists thought it would spread if they used it. Then they created a powder that could kill all viruses and it could spread.

They shot the powder out in the air and it spread. After waiting for two hours, they found out that the island had recovered. This island was Hawaii. Then rain fell down in other states and after five hours, the whole Earth recovered.

But they still didn’t know who made the virus, and was he going to do it again?!

The End


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