Vampires Galore

| December 2, 2014

Chapter 1: Hard Homework

“OMG! I can’t believe Mikayla said that Clarissa looked like a trash can in her green braces!” 12-year-old Katie Konya said to her best friend Julienne Sandi.

“I know. She practically rules 7th grade at Nantopa Middle School,” Julienne answered with a flick of her long blonde hair. Katie and Julienne had been best friends since preschool and lived next door to each other.

While Julienne had blonde hair with blue highlights, green eyes, and freckles, Katie had short black hair with purple highlights, blue eyes, and an amazing fashion sense. Today, she was wearing a blue tank top with lace and a short pink skirt that went well with her blue high top sneakers.

Julienne had a horrible fashion sense, so Katie told her what to wear and shopped with her. Julienne was wearing red glittery dress and black high heels.

“Let us get started on homework, shall we?” Katie asked.

Julienne replied, “Sure. What do you want to do first?”


“Okay. What is the Pythagoras Theorem?”

“A squared plu-. What is that noise?” Katie asked.

“It sounds like Mikayla!” Julienne answered.

Mikayla’s high, false voice sounded in the living room in Katie’s house.

“I’ll go find Katie.” Mikayla said.

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Visitor

There was a knock on the door to Katie’s playroom and it opened. Mikayla stood there resplendent in a black shirt and a short black skirt with black leggings and long black hair that matched her black high heels.

“Hey.” Mikayla said with a sneer.

“What do you need?” Julienne replied icily.

“Let me get this over with. Thanks to Principal Weston, I have first period for three months with you twerps. Later.” And Mikayla sauntered out with a little mean laugh.

As soon as she was gone, Katie yelled, “Nooooooooooooooo! We have to have first period with Mikayla Wallabanger till May. We hate her.”

“I know. She always thinks that she is better than other people because her parents are famous and she has a lot of money.” Julienne ranted, “Oh no! I have to go home. Bye!”

Julienne went home and had dinner. She slept peacefully, but Julienne had a rough night.

Chapter 3: The Mean Girl is a Vampire

That night, after a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, Katie changed into her pink and black pajamas and went to bed. She woke up at midnight and saw …

Mikayla! … only … not Mikayla. She had bat ears and bat wings, and her skin was white. As soon as Mikayla saw Katie, she turned into a bat and flew into the night sky.

Katie was stunned by what she had seen. After some research on her laptop, she realized that Mikayla was a vampire!

Chapter 4: Vampire Protection

Julienne went back to bed thinking one thing: My parents won’t believe me. She decided to put some garlic in her lunch box and carry mint water with her. She would tell Katie, too.

The next morning, Katie woke up tired. She wore a ruffly green top and a short green skirt with green high heels. She set up protection for her and Katie and left. She found Julienne in a blue shirt and a green skirt with white heels talking to her crush, Mathew, and walked over.

“Bye, Mathew.” Julienne replied. “What do you need Katie?”

“Julienne, Mikayla is a vampire. Here, put this garlic in your bag and water in your hand.”

She told Julienne what happened last night and Julienne gasped.

“Now, here is the plan. We will lure Mikayla into the bathroom and throw our water on her so she dies. Then, we will say she died of a heart attack.” Katie whispered.

The two of them went up to Mikayla and told her that there was a fashionista in the bathroom who wanted to see her alone and Mikayla went, black dress and high heels swishing.

Chapter 5: She is Gone!

Mikayla went into the bathroom, followed by Julienne and Katie. As soon as they were all in, Katie locked the door and told Mikayla, “We know you are a vampire.”

Mikayla turned around, and Julienne and Katie splashed all their water on her. Mikayla suddenly yelled, and then fell down dead.

Katie and Julienne walked out saying that Mikayla had a heart attack and died, and everyone believed them.

They had a funeral, and Julienne and Mikayla inherited all of Mikayla’s clothes.

The End


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