Tim the Crab’s Search for a New Home

| February 6, 2016

Once upon a time, there lived a crab named Tim. He lived in a nice home except his crab shell was getting small. So, one day, his crab shell was so small he could not get out of it and it was time to move.

He asked Sammy the lobster to help him, but it didn’t work. So, he went on land and he saw a nest. The nest belonged to his friend Tommy the seagull. He asked him if he could help him get off his shell. So, Tommy tried with all his might and he got it off.

Now, Tim had to find a new and bigger shell. First, he found a sandcastle, but it had no door to get in. Second, he found a small, but beautiful shell. Third, he found another shell, but it was huge. Last, he found a coconut, but it was so heavy. He could barely pick it up.

He went back to the water. Then a few days later, there was a storm and it was BIG. After the storm, Tim went back up to the surface. There were two shells and one was yellow with a twisty shape and the sides were weird looking.

Tim went inside just a little bit of space, so he went to the second shell. That shell had some orange and red, but again it had some yellow on it. It looked so good, he went inside.

It felt nice inside, he thought to himself. I need to test my shell out. It was magic. A seagull came and sniffed Tim’s shell. The seagull smelled Tim, but the seagull couldn’t get to him. Tim knew this was the shell for him. So, when the seagull flew away without his lunch, Tim returned to the ocean and lived happily ever after.


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