The Three Deadly Pigs

| February 28, 2016

There were once three harmless pigs. They had a lot of money. Each bought a gun, a sword, a house, and a sack of food. They were not harmful though!

One day, a gang of wolves went to Pig #3’s house. “Let us in,” they shouted!

“Okay,” said the pig.

When the pig opened the door, he shot a wolf. The wolves scrambled as the pig ran out, chasing them with his sword.

The wolves ran all the way to Pig #2.

“Let us in!” they chanted.

When the pig opened the door, he stabbed a wolf! The pig ran out and started to fire his gun while the wolves scattered.

The pig killed ten more wolves.

Now, the only pig left was the leader. He ran away to Pig #1’s house. Pig #1 opened the door and shot the leader.

“Hmmm… that’s odd. I thought he lived with a pack!” he said as he closed the door.


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