The Riverside Mystery

| October 12, 2013

It was a sunny day. The police in Riverside were investigating a crime. Some prisoners had escaped from the local jail and robbed the Riverside Bank. Officer Smith said the murderers of a man named Joe had helped with the robbery. Eight million dollars were stolen from the vault. The Mafia provided five hundred dollars for the robbery equipment.

Sergeant Johnson and Private Murphy went to the bank to study how they robbed it.  They went to the office of the manager and other employees of the Riverside Bank. Manager Jackson of the Riverside Bank said he saw a scar-faced man enter through the front window and reach into the vault. He tried to stop him, but he pointed a gun at Manager Jackson and he ran away into a truck that said “The Riverside Mafia Club.”

Private Murphy and Sergeant Johnson wrote down all that they had learned. The next day, Officer Smith was watching the news report on television and heard shocking news. While Manager Jackson was driving to the Bank of Green Valley, he disappeared! The manager said that the news reporter was last seen on Highway 21. Officer Smith’s jaw dropped. He called Detective Kelly and Private Murphy to investigate.

Detective Kelly saw the video of the traffic on Highway 21 and gasped when he recognized the truck behind Manager Jackson’s car. It was a Riverside Mafia Club truck! Its license plate said 877JY. He called the automobile bureau and they told him that the car belonged to Gabe Ugliano. Detective Kelly told Private Murphy to check on him. He had a scar and was nasty-looking. He wondered if this was the man who grabbed the money from the vault.

He had a trap for him. He told Detective Kelly to assign twelve police officers and a roadblock at Highway 21. Private Murphy watched another video and realized the car was headed to the Green Valley Oil Company. He asked Private Murphy some questions. Private Murphy told Detective Kelly what he discovered. Detective Kelly said he arrested the scar-faced man.

Then both of them went to the Oil Company. Before they could open the door, they had a call. It was from Officer Smith. He told them to go to the Green Valley Police station immediately. He said they had news for them. They left for headquarters. Private Murphy and Detective Kelly were welcomed by Police Chief Baker of the Green Valley police.

He told them that the Green Valley Oil Company got sued by the Harbortown Railway and Bus Company. He said the President Meyer of the Company had sold one thousand barrels of oil. He said they went into about fifty city busses and six hundred and ten metros. They were handling a record number of passengers that wanted to get to their destinations very quickly. “They failed to work,” he said.

He asked if they could drive to Harbortown to see the owner of the company. They said they could and that they would also go to the Oil Company and confront the owner. Then, Private Murphy called Officer Smith. He told them that they were going to Harbortown. Officer Smith said that they were going to talk to Mayor Dunn of Harbortown. He also said to come back to pick up Chief Douglas of Riverside, who was the head of the Riverside Police Department, and Riverside City Judge Aaron Anderson. He was not only a very wise judge, he was also a close friend of Mayer Dunn.

Then they drove to Harbortown. As they entered the railway and Bus Company, Private Murphy saw a familiar shadow lurking around their car. Private Murphy just said he was imagining things and moved on. President Meyer welcomed them. He said the Oil Company cheated them very badly. He said they had lost a lot of money. They left and asked the mayor about the problem. He said that they (Harbortown) needed more oil and money. Right after they left, Chief Baker said that Gabe Ugliano confessed. Manager Jackson was dying of suffocation, but he was fine. Later, Chief Baker and Officer Smith told them what happened. They had gone to the Oil Company and arrested Gabe Ugliano. He said they sold fake oil to every country except Russia. He gave a quarter of the workers’ real salaries. Then, Chief Baker promoted Private Murphy.


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