The Prehistoric Problem

| November 19, 2015

Tom is a very smart scientist. One day, someone invented a time machine for Tom to ride in. He wanted Tom to ride in the prehistoric period to take notes on dinosaurs. Unfortunately, the time machine landed in dino droppings and stopped working. Would Tom be stuck in the prehistoric period forever?! Tom told himself that he packed food, seeds, a gold nugget, a notebook, a pencil, a sharpener, and a freezing machine. Tom did not like dinosaurs. He didn’t even like them a bit.

He looked around and saw many volcanoes and many prehistoric creatures, but not a single dinosaur. Could they be hiding? Should Tom go check? Or would he be eaten? Tom had to check for the other scientists. So, he went to check and he met a very big, very hungry, and very scary T. Rex. The T. Rex asked in his nicest voice, “Will you come to my house and have some food?” The T. Rex’s real plan was to eat Tom!

“Sure,” said Tom. Tom didn’t know the T. Rex’s real plan, so Tom just went along.

Later when he got to the T. Rex’s huge dirt and stone home, he was surprised to see that the T. Rex he met had a wife and a son. Father T. Rex’s name was Ted. The mommy’s name was Med. The son’s name was Fred. Fred was angry because he didn’t have any gold. So, Tom gave Fred a gold nugget. Ted didn’t eat Tom and instead of eating him, Ted fixed the time machine and Tom went home!


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