The Monster Named Jacob

| September 11, 2013

You know about Jacob. He is a fearful monster and he lives on an undercover island called Conal Island.

Your foot sinks into the sand when you step on the island. The weather is always hot. But in the winter it is freezing cold. You can see all the monsters shivering. When you look up you can see the trees standing tall and straight. There are weird plants and amazing three-headed giraffes. You walk into the forest you keep on walking up you feel like it will never end. Some of the biggest animals in the world are smaller on Conal Island. And tiny little insects and animals are so big. And the most fascinating aspect is this single mountain, taller than the sky. No one who has climbed the mountain has returned alive. And this island is all for monsters. No humans are around.

Jacob is not a scary monster, which is why every other monster laughs at him. But when one gets him frustrated or angry he can go crazy. But one thing that Jacob has, and everyone is afraid of, is a laser eye. He can pick up two tons, too! Jacob doesn’t want to be a monster anymore. He wants to be a human. But he doesn’t know how to transform into a human. He remembers that the night before his father had told a story about a witch that lived in a hut in the deep forest. The witch could make any spell for anyone. So, he decides to sneak out of the house at night.

The night finally comes. The cool light breeze blows against Jacob’s face. A horrible blizzard falls. The wind blows hard. Jacob tries to fight his way through but it is no use. Then suddenly, Jacob is lifted off his feet and is blown backwards. “Bang!” he crashes against a cliff. Then Jacob sees nothing.

Jacob slowly opens his eyes. He is on a bed in a small hut. “Whe- whe- where am I?” Jacob says.

He gets up and walks around the hut. “Hello? Is anyone home?” Jacob calls out again a little louder, “Hello anyone home?” No answer. Then, without noticing he bumps into a huge pot with greenish looking liquid inside. Something pops into his mind: The witch!

He waits for a very long time. The witch still doesn’t come, so he decides to sleep one more night in the witch’s hut. He waits for another day and another and then another. But the witch still doesn’t come. Then Jacob asks himself, “Has the witch gone on vacation? No. Maybe this is not the witch’s hut? No. Then why does she have so many potions. Whatever!” He can’t stand it anymore. He stomps out of the room angrily. And once again, he looks around the forest, but this time he doesn’t go too far from the hut.


Jacob turns around, “What was that sound?” He decides to investigate. Snap! It sounds like a twig snapping apart. “Hello!” Jacob screams. He turns around. He is surprised by a skinny looking woman with a very pale face and a wart on her nose. THE WITCH!

“Hello, do you need any help?” she says in a cackling voice.

“I have been looking all over for you. Where have you been?”

“I have been collecting berries for food and it is a five to seven day trip. Do you need my help?”

“Yes I do, I…don’t want to be a monster anymore. I want to be a human.”

“Ok! Easy!” says the witch.

Jacob watched and waited. The witch mixed many different potions together. “Wala!” the witch shouts.  “Drink this and you will become human.”

Jacob has no time to waste. He drinks everything in a blink of an eye. Jacob feels weird as the inside of his stomach begins to burn. His fur falls off and his horns too! He feels different, very different. Then he shouts, “Wow, thanks. I feel great!”

He is ready for an adventure! He goes off and lands in Florida. He really blends in with all the other humans. They eat different foods and have different habits. He loves being a human. For once, he doesn’t have to worry about being laughed at.


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