The Little House

| October 27, 2015

Once there was a house. The house was in a forest. A poor woman live in the house. She tried her best to help everyone, but she ended up just getting less money. She worked very hard. Her name was Penguin. She had no friends. She was sad. Until one day she saw a man. They went for a walk together. They drank tea and they ate ice cream. The woman thanked the man. She kissed the man. The man said it was nothing.

It was time for the man to leave. After he left, she was lonely in the woods by herself. She went under her shade. The entire house in the woods was silent. She had an idea. She went in the forest to pick mushrooms. She went to the market and sold her mushrooms, but she still did not get much money.

She saw the man. He gave some money for free. The woman couldn’t thank him enough for the money. They said bye bye.

The man went to buy some apples. The man went home. He ate the apples for a short snack before lunch. He was going to eat tomato soup for dinner. When it was dinner, the man brought Miss Penguin to lunch. They both ate together. Soon they both were full. They brushed teeth, go to bathtub, play, and talk. All of those things they did were really fun.

Now it was night. The man went to sleep with his bear. It was time for Miss Penguin to go home. When she went home, it was nice and quiet. She put down her suitcase. She went for bath time. It was very warm in the bathtub. When she went out, she went to eat popcorn. She watched TV. She watched the Spider and the Flower. When she was done she got up from her bed. She got some books for her to read before bed time. Afterwards, she read some books. She fell asleep and turned off the light.


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