The Joke’s on You!

| November 4, 2015
The Joke's on You

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Joker. Joker was a very annoying Joker. He went to people’s houses, rang the door, and when they opened it, he would scare them. One day, Joker thought it would be amazing if her went to the mayor’s house and scared him.

When Joker got to the mayor’s house, the mayor saw that Joker was at his front door when he peered out the window. Because of that, he called the sheriff. Instead of Joker ringing the door, the mayor and the sheriff opened the door scaring Joker! Joker made a mad dash away from the two adults, but the mayor and the sheriff were right on his tail. While all that was happening, a robber was able to sneak into the mayor’s house and stole a valuable diamond. The robber also left a note saying that he would give it back if the mayor gave him $10,000.

When the mayor returned, he saw the note and got really mad. He thought the note was from Joker, so Joker not only had to pay a fine for scaring the community, but also got four years of probation.

Moral: Whatever goes around comes around.


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