The Golden Key

| February 27, 2016

One day, there was a detective named Bob.  He was going to his friend’s birthday party.  It was at a garden.  The only way the garden door can open is with a golden key. So, when Bob reached the garden and opened the box, he realized the golden key was missing.

So, he went to look for some clues.  Then, suddenly he found footprints, so he followed the footprints and came to a beach.  There was no one with the golden key at the beach, so Bob went to find some more clues.

Then, he found some bread crumbs, so he followed the bread crumbs which lead him to a house.  He rang the doorbell and a man opened the door.  Bob asked the man, “Do you have my golden key?”  The man said no.

So, Bob went to look for more clues, and suddenly found potato chips.  So, he followed the potato chips that led him to a forest.  Suddenly, he found a man with a mask who had the golden key.  Bob took off the mask and found out that it was Dr. Ray who had stolen the golden key.

So, Bob took the golden key, and went to the garden and unlocked the door.  Then, Bob found his friend, and gave the gift to him.  Finally, they had lots of fun at the birthday party.


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