The Friendship Pet

| July 20, 2012

It’s a typical day in Petsville. The parents are at the office. The kids are playing in the park. The nannies are running around trying to make the kids listen and friendship dog, Pupply, is flying around looking for lonely pets. Pupply has been the friendship dog ever since she was born. Her dad was also the friendship dog, and then, it got passed down to her. Pupply can fly and solve anyone’s friendship problems. Pupply is a funny dog and a good friend. She is always saying, “You can never have too many friends.” Pupply is a golden retriever with blue eyes. Her hobbies are reading, drawing, writing, and making new friends. She has friends all over Petsville! But one day, Pupply was sick…

She had to stay in bed for a few days as the doctor said, “Resting will make you heal better.” Pupply was very worried about who would be the friendship dog in her absence. “Yes, she did have a lot of friends, but which one did she trust the most?” she asked herself. “I must find a trustable friend.” thought Pupply. Pupply had to find a person fast!

Pupply thought about what would happen if there wasn’t a friendship dogs for a few days. She could already see lonely pets walking on the sidewalk with nothing to do. It broke her heart just imagining it, let alone for anyone to see it in real life. Her job usually started at 12:00 and it was 9:00, so she only had three hours left to find a good friendship pet. Pupply started calling her friends, but most weren’t available for the job. Some even though, they weren’t good enough for the job, Pupply had only one more hour. What was she going to do? Suddenly, Pupply heard someone coming into her house. It was…

Her father, Mac! “Hi dad” said Pupply. “Hi, I think you have a little problem here. Am I right?” Mac said. “Yeah dad, I need someone to do my job for a few days because the doctor said not to get out of bed.” Pupply explained. “Hey!, maybe I could do the job for you” Mac replied. “Really?” Pupply exclaimed. “Yeah, I am old, but not crippled and I have done the job before so I know what to do.” Mac said. “Thank you daddy!” Pupply said as she hugged her dad. “You are the best!” she cried. Finally, Pupply was relieved. Someone experienced would be doing her job.

After a few days, Pupply was feeling better and she went back to do her work knowing that her dad Mac could always help her fill in for her if she got sick.

—Sahiba Aggarwal


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