The Door

| December 11, 2015

Cary looks through the classroom door, trying to see what the class is doing today. She wants to go in and learn, but her parents can’t afford the price for school. Cary knows that if she gets caught she would be in big trouble. Not only will the principal get mad, but also her parents. Cary is supposed to be working, but every day she sneaks to a school and peeks through the door window. Every time the bell rings, Cary has to run as fast as she can to get out of school. Every day she does the same thing.


Before I tell you what happens, I need to tell you about Cary. Cary is a 12-year-old girl who loves to learn. Her goal is to become an inventor. But in order to complete that goal, she needs to learn. Cary has trouble making friends and she hates working at an early age. Cary used to go to school, but then the great depression hits and Cary’s father loses his job.

Cary works as a newsie (a person who sells newspapers). The something happens!!!!!!!!!

Cary was passing out her newspapers when she saw an article that said “Junior Inventors Contest: Winner wins $1,000,000 and gets their invention published.” Cary not only had to join, but also win. She had no idea what to build and how to build it. She thought for two weeks and then she got an idea.

She would build a car … not any old car, but a self-driving car. She would use her dad’s old car and add things to it. If she does this properly, She would win!!! The hard part was to not say anything to anyone or else they would get curious. Cary has to use all her savings to build the car.  Cary started to build the car instead of going into school. Cary spent three

months building it at a junkyard and using spare junk parts. Once she was done, she had to test it. She turned on the engine and entered the address into the G.P.S. The car drove properly to the road. It worked until the car almost killed a person, but the brakes stopped the car by an inch! The man started yapping, but Cary zoomed off as fast as she could. Cary was terrified as she went home.

Then the big day came. Cary brought the car to the contest.

Everything was going alright, until Cary found out that the main Judge was………………….the person who Cary almost killed. Cary was dead. At least, she thought so.

10 Minutes Later

Cary was So Happy! The main judge was pleased because he said Cary’s Car’s emergency brakes were awesome. The judges then moved on. Finally the announcement came, The Winner was……………….Cary!

She was the most excited person in the world. Cary would later go to school, and best of all will become an inventor.


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