The Disappearing Ice Cream Cone

| February 8, 2016

Hi, I’m Lisa. I love ice cream. On with the story now!

One really hot day, Lisa went to get some ice cream. But, she didn’t know she got disappearing ice cream. So she tried to lick it, but it disappeared!

“Where is my ice cream?” Lisa asked.

The workers at the ice cream shop gave Lisa a map and told Lisa that she got disappearing ice cream! So, her friend helped her go find her ice cream.

“That looks like the lost things planet!” said her friend. “I know how to get there!” said Lisa’s friend.

“OK,” said Lisa, “Let’s go!”

“But, wait!” said Lisa’s friend. “IT’S SUPER COLD AND WINDY! So, let’s get our jackets! Oh, and at my house, I have suction cup shoes so we don’t get blown off the planet! Let’s use them!” said Lisa’s friend.

“Good idea!” said Lisa. “Here it is! I can see it with my very own eyes!”

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off! Up in outer space, Lisa and her friend spotted the moon, the sun, and that’s it. Oh, and I forgot something really special…THE LOST THINGS PLANET!

“There it is!” said both girls when they landed the rocket. They went on the planet. They looked through all the stuff, found Lisa’s ice cream, flew back and lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!


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