The Day I Got My Braces

| March 1, 2016

It was a hot and sunny day. My dad was going to take me to have my braces put on. I was scared, but I’ve been there a lot of times, so I wasn’t all that scared. When my dad parked, I asked him, “Did someone paint the building a different color?”

“Yes,” said my dad. We got inside and everyone greeted us. “Hi, Dr. Babar, how are you?” I walked in and said hi. Then, I went inside the room. My dad was going to put my braces on. I sat down in the chair. Then he put some gloves on. There was someone else I knew. Rachel! She was going to help my dad put my braces on. She asked me which kind of braces I wanted. “Do you want a diamond, heart, star, football, or soccer ball? Your dad said you wanted Micky Mouse.”

I nodded, so my dad came back. The first thing he did was clean my teeth. It didn’t hurt at all, but then they put something on and it went on my tongue and it really really really tingled. So, I tried to tell my dad, but all that came out was, “Et welly huts! O! Y! OUNG!” because I couldn’t close my mouth, so he got it off, but it still kind of hurt. After that, he put my braces on. I shut my eyes closed, and one minute later he said,

“We’re done!”

I didn’t feel anything, so I got up and looked in the mirror, but something looked wrong.

“Okay, so now we have to put in the wires,” said my dad.

Oh, that’s what was missing I thought. Then, I sat back down and let him put the wires in, but we were still not done. He had to put the rubber bands in to make it look colorful. I asked if I could have purple, yellow, and turquoise. (You weren’t really supposed to have three colors, but my dad let me), and I went back to the waiting room where my sister could see, but I said I’d let her see when we got in the car with mom and went back home.


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