The Day Before Christmas

| December 12, 2015

One dark evening, a miracle happened! I didn’t want to go to sleep because it was the day before Christmas. I was baking with my sister and it smelled gawesome pawesome. We made sugar cookies with different shapes from the cookie cutters and we made 16. Of course, we saved some after we ate a few.

I went out to see the decorations and no one was with me, so I got lost but I found my way back. Everyone got worried, but my mom found me. We saw decorations of the rooftops and Christmas lights on the exterior of the houses along with ornaments, blow-up Christmas animals, presents, and even pretend cookies and milk set up outside.

Next, we hung shiny, heavy ornaments. Some were electronic and others were glittery and beautiful. There was one ornament that had many small shapes on it and a star in the middle that was bigger than the ornament that was on the top of the tree.

What made this night special was baking yummy cookies, seeing Christmas lights and decorations, and going hanging ornaments before the big day.


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