The Alien Attack

| December 21, 2014

While Emily was driving in her Porsche on a Monday evening, she heard the newscasters shout, “Aliens are attacking! Everyone must evacuate now, and make sure to spread this message!” At the time, Emily lived in New Jersey, so she was worried that the aliens might start to head towards her home tower! Emily was very frightened and scared, because this was the first time anything as absurd as this had ever happened!

A couple weeks earlier, Emily set up a gathering with her aunt, Melissa, because they hadn’t seen each other for a while.

When Emily arrived at Safeway, she decided to buy some chocolate and spaghetti for when her aunt comes to visit. On the way back, Sophie heard the newscasters yelling, “Everyone must evacuate, the situation is getting worse and worse by the minute.”

As Emily was setting up, her aunt rang the doorbell. Once Emily opened the door, she noticed that her aunt didn’t look like her usual self. Melissa looked greenish white, and her face was freakishly stretched out. When Melissa was entering the door, she was walking sort of like a robot.

Melissa commented, “We have to do this quickly, and you have to make sure that we are not seen.”

Emily was very scared and felt nervous.

She replied, “I will make sure we have privacy, and that we do this quickly. All you need to do, Melissa, is tell me why.”

At that moment, Melissa showed her the ring.

Emily whispered, “What is that?”

Melissa then replied, “This ring is to be used carefully and only in alert emergencies!”

Melissa, then, immediately put the ring on Emily, and ran away in an instant!

Then Emily felt a tingle and a sudden shiver. When Emily had the ring on, her eyes turned purple, and she couldn’t stop frowning. She had the thoughts of destruction and obstruction. It was almost like Emily turned evil! She used the ring to demolish New York, even though she would never do such a thing before her transformation.

After Emily put New York almost completely on fire, her father gave her a pill, which knocked her out for a couple of minutes. During that time period, her father got the ring, and demanded it to turn everything back to the way it used to be. Then, Emily’s father hid the ring where nobody would ever find it!

As a result, the aliens left and everyone figured out that Melissa was actually an alien that looked like a human. They ended up killing the alien. As for Emily, once the ring was out of the picture, she reverted back to her normal self.


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