The Adventures of the Mustache

| October 8, 2015

Crystal is a fluffy unicorn from Cloud Town. She has blue eyes and has contact lenses. The pink mane on her made her stand out in a crowd. She was 30cm with a turquoise magical horn. She loves candy and her loving family. But there was one thing she hated, the Cloud Officers. She would try to turn into a rat if she saw one. That was how much she hated them, besides some kids are scared of police officers too! She loved taking magical horn classes and her imaginary friend was very important, but most of all she wanted the flying mustaches.

The reason Crystal wanted these flying mustaches was because every day on her awesome poof T.V. there would always be a commercial about a contest to get the magical flying mustaches.
It would say, “Come join the contest for mustaches, everyone is welcome! You can start anywhere at any time. Just remember to bring a big net that you can carry!” So she went to the Big Cloud Shop and bought a medium-sized net for herself.

She told her parents she was leaving to go to the contest. Her mother was horrified with this idea and exclaimed, “No way are you going there, Crystal! Have you seen a 30cm unicorn going to a contest? You could get lost!”

“I’ll do all my chores when I get back home. P-L-E-A-S-E!”

“Fine, you can go but keep your promise OK?”

“Thanks, Mom!”

So her mother packed a marshmallow whipped cream with cloud gummies on top sandwich for her to eat if she was hungry.

“Bye, Mom!” Crystal shouted.

“Bye, honey!” and off I went going on a journey to the mustaches.

As she got closer to the flying mustaches, her cloud phone ran out of battery when she was using navigation! She was so stressed she swung her cloud net and accidentally swung one of the racers.

“I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed but at that very second she saw the flying mustaches. Madame Tutu (the racer) was trying to get the mustache too! They kept on swatting each other, but finally Crystal thought of a plan! She took out her half-eaten marshmallow whipped cream cloud jellies on top sandwich. One thing mustaches love is whipped cream. Finally she did get the mustaches!

She was finished with her journey. She was tremendously happy to see herself on T.V. But there was only one problem. She still had to do her 1,000,000 chores!

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