| August 5, 2013

During the weekend, Megan and I went to Club Sport to go swimming, but the problem was that too many people crowded us and we couldn’t play “Lifeguard.” So, we played a new game called “Flip Turns” and “Side Breaths.” Then, more people crowded us, so we moved to a different spot and swam there. Finally, we had fun for 30 minutes. Then, we went back to diving and had fun the rest of the time.

Then, Meagan and I went to McDonald’s and ate cheeseburgers and chicken selects. Yum, yum! Then, we went home. But when we were almost home, it started to rain. We hurried home and Megan and I began to play with Play-Doh. We had fun, until our brothers came, took the Play-Doh and wouldn’t give it back. So, Megan and I got another bin of Play-Doh and played with that.

But then, our brothers took our Play-Doh again and wouldn’t give it back. So, we took our last two bottles and played with them until my mom said it was dinner time. We ate our dinner and after that we played with our Play-Doh until my brother took it away.

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