| December 6, 2015

This is Rady and his magical partners Brad, Drake, and Sinemo. Rady was a robber and he always got caught. Until one day, when Brad, Drake and Sinemo the brothers found Rady stealing gold and the brothers joined him to steal together. On robberies, Rady distracts the gold keeper and Brad checks for security detectors. Drake pulls the glass over the gold and Sinemo robs the gold and money, and drives the Ferrari.

It was June 1st at 1pm in Santa Clara and the owner of the gold shop was on vacation because it was his birthday. The brothers and Rady decided to strike. The gold store had so much gold that the brothers just stood there for a minute. Then they heard the sirens. “Beedo, beedo, beedo.” Then they called Fasty (Drake’s friend) and he robbed the gold for them and gave them a ride to the brother’s house. He was that quick! Brad thought they could go to another planet. They considered Mars. “It is the closest planet to Earth,” Sinemo said. Then they went to Mars and lived happily ever after.


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