| November 9, 2014

Have you ever thought or traveled to a place so modern? Singapore is that and also meaningful and rewarding.

Singapore is a place where anyone could feel valued and happy. Unlike most countries, it is an island, but has a big population and is clean, as I’ve never seen any trash. Fines can be very expensive. There are many friendly people who accept you for whoever you are, and don’t mind about your traditions or cultures. Also, it has places that can have many adventures.

There is a lot of amusement and many facts about Singapore to know. There are many places that are interesting, like the Merlion which is the national symbol/animal. Also, there is the second largest Ferris wheel, which is the Marina Bay and the ride takes around 50 minutes. There is a whole separate place (in Singapore), which is basically a theme resort called Sentosa. Also, Singapore is world famous for its busy port.

Food there can have wide ranges from all the countries. Like Chinese, Indian, Malay, American, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian. There are many restaurants and varieties. Also, the food is quite safe, and it’s uncommon for food poisoning.

The overall weather is mostly the same, from 70-90 degrees F, in the summer and 60-70 degrees F in the winter. It can get very humid or very hot. It’s mostly sunny, partly cloudy, and can rain a lot and maybe hail. It’s mostly humid, but not as hot as Brazil.

I have personal experiences visiting Singapore as I go every year. So this whole story has been based on my five senses. I guarantee you, that you will enjoy Singapore.


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