Sienna the Super–Striped Tiger

| January 28, 2015

One day Sienna and Joe were flying on Daphne the Unicorn. Then Daphne said, “I have good news and bad news.”

“What’s the good news?” Joe asked.

“I found a nickel, and I named it Phillip!” Daphne said.

“What is the bad news?”

“It’s a girl nickel!” She squealed in delight, “Oh, and more bad news, we’re crash landing.”

Joe, Sienna, and Sasha the flea who was secretly hidden in Daphne’s fur, all screamed. “Oh man, oh man, oh man!” Joe said.

“Those are the best last words ever!” Sienna said laughing.

And for a moment, Sienna enjoyed the fall. The wind, the view, the adrenaline.

And then the ground came up to meet her.

Sienna awoke in Alexander’s library. It was, however, completely empty! She looked around the library, and found two books on his desk. One was ‘The Mythical Rainbow Box’ book and the other was ‘Unicorn Sickness.’ She picked up ‘The Mythical Rainbow Box’ book.

She picked up “Unicorn Sickness” next, and she read aloud, “If a unicorn suddenly stops flying, it’s a sign they are losing rainbow power. They need rainbows from the Mythical Rainbow Box to fuel them.” “That’s what Daphne has! I gotta help her!” She slammed down the book and ran to find Daphne.

She found Daphne the Unicorn inside a bookshelf and Joe in the one next to her. “Daphne, can you fly?” Sienna asked.

“No…” Daphne the Unicorn said.

“Joe, do you still have that hovercraft?”

“No…” Joe answered, “I gave it to Chuck Norris…”

“Oh and where’s your shower cap?” Daphne asked.

“Shower…ca-” Joe said quietly, “You mean it’s not on my head?!”

“You must’ve lost it when we fell!” Sienna exclaimed.

“Oh…this is bad…” Joe said quietly, “Really bad…”

“I’ll go look for the Rainbow box,” Sienna said, “It has the power to heal anything!”

“Go, Sienna! Run like the wind!” Joe exclaimed.

Sienna tried to find a way to Futureworld, but she couldn’t think of a solution!” Sienna hopped on, and the pop tart cat came to the library. She said, “Need a ride?”

“Can you take us to Pastland?” Sienna asked.

“No, but I’ll take you to Futureworld!” Sienna hopped on, and the pop tart cat took her to Futureworld.

“What’s up…uh…?” Emily the Fairy said, “Hang on, I forgot your name…”

“Sienna!” She yelled.

“Oh, Hi Sienna.” Emily said, “Wassup?”

“Where does Chuck Norris live?”

“Somewhere in Pastland.” She answered, “But you’ll need the TV remote to get there. I have it.”

“Oh phew, I thought we’d need some journey to get i-“

“…At home…” She said.

“That counts as a journey, doesn’t it…?” Sienna said.

“Yeah…” Emily replied.

“Freeze!” said a voice Sienna didn’t recognize, “Gimme all your money! And drink my lemonade!”

They turned around to find Sveta the Unicorn Dog, Emily the Pixie, and Annabella the Flowerpot.

“Can you guys help me?” Sienna said.

“What’s in it for us?” Emily the Pixie said.

“Sveta gets 20 dollars, Annabella gets Klondike bars, and you can beat me up when this is all over.” Emily the Fairy said.

They flew on the pop tart cat again to Emily the Pixie secret lair which was actually her lemonade stand, in one of her cabinets, sienna spotted Joe’s shower cap.

“Hey! That’s mine!” she said, “Thief!”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Said Sveta the Unicorn Dog.

“This is mine!” Said Emily the Pixie, “And this will stay mine if it’s the last thing I do!”

All of a sudden three fling hams came and dropped a basketball wearing underwear on Emily the Pixie’s head. Phiedippides and the Flying Dutchman came out of her mouth, ‘wonderful things, basketballs, aren’t they?” Phiedippides said.

“Anyway c’mon! Pastland isn’t that far, and I have the remote!” They grabbed the shower cap, and ran to Pastland where Chuck Norris lived.

“Chuck!” Phiedippides yelled to Chuck. He still had Carl, the rapid werewolf in his pants, so he wasn’t happy to see them, “WHAAAAT DO YOU WAAAANT?” He yelled.

“Just your hovercraft,” Sienna said.

They took Chuck’s hovercraft and ran off.

Sienna said, “Phiedippides, where would we find the Mythical Rainbow Box?”

“Don’t listen to him,” The Flying Dutchman said, “It’s located in the Xenon Solar Squids planet.”

“Hey, Joe mentioned something about a squid named Luco…” Sienna said, “Maybe he can help us get there.”

So Sienna flew to Luco’s house, but it took an hour when it should have taken 15 minutes, because the GPS lady was constantly making terrible decisions. Eventually, they got to Luco the Squid’s house.

Luco was with Dan the Leprechaun, and Alexander the Mermaid, “Oh, look, it’s the tiger.” Alexander said, “The girly girl one with the mani-pedi.”

“Shut up.” The Flying Dutchman said, “Luco, can you take us to the Xenon Solar Squids planet?”

“Uh…” Luco said, “Do you have a rocket?”

“I actually do!” Said Alexander the Mermaid. He took out an Xbox controller and pushed a button. A huge rocket broke through the floor and up past the roof.

“Are you sure you can handle that?” Phiedippides asked.

“Does this answer your question!?” Alexander said, and pushed a button. The rocket flew upwards to the sky, leaving smoke in its path.

“We probably should’ve been on that.” Alexander said.

“What now?” Danny asked, “I can’t just pull a spaceship outta my pants!”

“It’s okay, all I need is a toolbox, some NASA spaceship engineers, and a few spacesuits.” Sienna said.

Danny looked in his pants and pulled out a toolbox, some NASA spaceships engineers, and a few spacesuits. “What are you looking at?” He asked, “I said I couldn’t pull a spaceship outta my pants!”

So the engineers made a spaceship, and they flew into the Xenon Solar Squids planet. The planet was basically just like Mars, only covered in water. When they got there they spotted the Mythical Rainbow Box immediately. It was inside a cosmic space oven, which had no “off” button, and was too hot to reach in and get it.

“How do we get it without burning ourselves?” Sienna asked.

“Just take the whole thing!” Phiedippides said as he threw the oven into the rocket.

“Not so fast!” said a familiar voice, “That rainbow box is mine! I’ve just decided that. I’ve decided it now.”

“Here we go again…” said Sienna. She turned around to find Emily the pixie. “I would like to know though, how did you get here?”

“Oh, just a Mentos and Diet Coke rocket or two.”

Emily reached into the oven to get the Rainbow Box. “Ow!” she screamed, “Too hot! Too hot!”

Emily ran around trying to cool off her hand, while Sienna, Phiedippides, and The Flying Dutchman put the oven and the Mythical Rainbow Box in the rocket.

When they got to Earth, they landed right next to the underwater library. Sienna rushed in with the rainbow box. “Take it!” she yelled.

Joe grabbed the rainbow box and aid, “Thanks Sienna!” He opened the box.

“Joe, no!” Sienna screamed.

But it was too late. There was a loud CA-CAW! And rainbows rocketed out of the box and into Joe’s mouth. Joe had used up the rainbow box!

“Ohhh, yeah,” Joe said, “That really fixed my back pain. Thanks, Sienna!”

“J—Joe…” Sienna said, “That was for Daphne…”

Daphne closed her eyes, shot out one last rainbow laser, and whispered into Joe’s ear, “You suck.”

Then her breathing stopped, as she lied down, and turned into a normal horse.

Ever since that tragic day, nothing has ever been the same for Joe and Sienna. Sienna had lost her best friend and Joe…well…

He didn’t have to take any painkillers for his back anymore.

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