Save the Amphibians!

| December 2, 2015

Ribbit! Ribbit! That sound could be gone tomorrow. All amphibians are in danger, especially frogs and toads. Businesses, politicians, etc., are working together to help.

There are many reasons why toads and frogs are in danger. Animals like pigs and rats invade their habitats. Some frogs live near the road, so they accidentally go out and get hit. People also use bug sprays to keep away mosquitoes and frogs get diseases from these chemicals. People hunt frogs for food. Habitats that are warm also lead to disease. This happens in places like Puerto Rico. Some frogs live near volcanoes and when they erupt…goodbye frogs!

Many people are trying to find solutions to help. Some national parks have small areas for frogs by streams that people can’t go near. Also, zoos have places to keep amphibians safe. It’s important to keep these amphibians safe so they cannot become extinct.


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