Problem on Meeth

| December 16, 2014

Joe is from Earth, but he traveled to Meeth. There was one problem. There was no gravity. He searched for his phone in his pocket, but he did not find it. He looked in the spaceship. He looked everywhere. Then he looked in the junk box and he found it. He called Earth. Before they answered, Joe dropped his phone. He chased after the phone. He ran out of breath, so he gave up. After a long time, the phone was gone.

Joe tried to think of another idea and he got an idea. He thought ‘If I use the items in the junk box, I can make my own phone that works … wait! There is a problem. Where is my junk box?’ He searched for hours until he found it. He did not know how to make a phone. So he looked in the box where he keeps the instructions. He started building by breaking the items in the junk box.

After he finished, he called Earth. They told him that he would have to build it. Joe was so frustrated he could burn the whole planet.

“Thank you for telling me.”

He built for a very long time. An alien came and stole his device.

Joe felt discouraged, so he decided to go for a walk. Joe wandered around the planet. At one point, he saw a dome. Joe walked to the dome. Then, he got stuck in a trap. Joe had no clue how he got stuck in a trap. He had a pocket knife which could cut him free, but there was an alien in the room. Joe waited until the alien was gone, then he cut himself free. He thought if he steals their ship and takes his device back, he could go back to Earth. Joe took his phone back.

He heard footsteps. He managed to put himself back in the trap. He waited until the alien was gone. Joe jumped out of the hole he made. There was a code to get access to the aliens’ ship. He pressed the first three numbers and that was the code. He used the aliens’ ship to get to Earth.

When he returned he said hi to everybody. He continued to stay at Earth and told everybody the story. No person ever went to Meeth again.


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