Princess Victoria

| November 3, 2014

Chapter 1: The Plan

Once upon a time in a tiny forest, there was a tiny village in the middle of nowhere ruled by a cruel queen and princess. The king died so long ago people say kings don’t even exist! So here we are in the queen’s chamber with her daughter brushing her hair.

“Darling, should I change the color of my hair?”

“Mom! Not this again! Let’s just get the dark magic!”

“And will that help my hair?!”

“The queen is a very disgraceful person,” most people say. If they don’t say that, they say, “I hate her!” So they are mostly bad things. Now let’s go into the prince’s room where he sits with his father.

“We can not let Queen Malosis take over good magic.”

“Father, what about her daughter?”

“I want you to go and kill her. It’s for your own good.”

“Yes, father.”

So now the queen at dinner asks her daughter to go kill the prince. She does as she is told; she says she will go starting first thing in the morning.

Chapter 2 The “Poison” Apple

“Goodbye, Mother!” says the princess.

“Goodbye, Father!” says the prince.

Now let’s catch up to the princess. She is exiting the village. She meets a few strangers on the way.

“Dear, buy an apple! It’s yummy!” said a crinkled old woman in a black cape with a hood.

“Why! Yes!” says the princes who takes a bite.

The old lady can’t wait to see her fall. But no! Princess Victoria does not fall, the woman screamed and disappeared into the darkness.

The reason why the princess didn’t fall is because she is bad and so is that woman, so it couldn’t work. Only if the apple and the princess were good, she herself would’ve died.

Chapter 3: More Creatures

Now, the prince is where the princess just left. He sees the horse’s footprints and follows it, but before he moves forward, a dragon appears in front of him. The prince pulls his sword out and fights the beast. Meanwhile, the prince’s horse runs away. After the dragon figures out he will never be able to kill the prince, he flies away. So, now, the prince has to walk on foot.

Chapter 4: The Fight!

It is morning in East Forest where the princess spent the night. The fire is black, and the sky is grey. Princess Victoria hears footsteps, so she gets up. She hears them again. Nobody knows what Princess Victoria looks like because she has a cape on so she can hide her beauty.

“I’m not afraid! Come out!” screams Princess Victoria. More steps. Then a handsome prince steps out.

“Dangit! You weren’t afraid!” says the prince.

Princess Victoria looks at the prince with a questioning look. The prince draws out his sword, a princess takes out her sword. They fight with their swords, but each time the prince tries to strike her, the princess would block!

Chapter 5: Uh! Oh!

This fight has been going on for a while and no one is dead. The prince had heard how pretty the princess is, but he didn’t believe it. He now wants to know. The prince with his sword takes off her cape. The princess was beautiful and from that minute on the prince fell in love with Princess Victoria.

Chapter 6: In the End

In the end, Princess Victoria was always good. She had to hide it from her mother. Then they got married and lived happily ever after, everybody except for the Queen. She moved away. FOREVER!!


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