Personal Essay

| February 17, 2016

On rough days, we could all use a hero.  For me, on my rough days, my hero is Katy Perry.  Her music really makes me happy.

I remember my friend’s birthday party disaster.  Gabby was going to LA for four weeks.  Cassey wanted to see Gabby before she left.  Gabby’s dad did not let her go. Cassey really wanted her to come.  So Cassey told her mom to stop her party.  Everyone went home.  Cassey’s party was a disaster.

When I hear the song “California Girls” by Katy Perry, it cheers me up on rough days like my friend’s birthday party disaster.  I just watch “California Girls” song on YouTube on my phone.  Katy Perry’s song cheers me up.

Did you know that I went to all of Katy Perry’s concerts?  I love to sing her songs. I sing her songs like I am singing to the whole world.  Katy Perry’s music makes me feel happy and joyful.  She makes me feel like a very important person, a VIP, just like her.


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