Personal Essay

| February 18, 2016

Pant. Pant. That’s my dog, Jettie.  Half Labradoodle.  Half Pitbull.

When I first saw Jettie, he looked calm sitting next to his crazy roommate.  When I picked him up outside at the shelter, he ran so fast!  That’s how Jettie got his name.

I picked Jettie out because of his personality.  I wanted a medium-sized dog because I had a dog named Ruscal who died. He was medium and calm too, which I was used to.  So, I wanted a strong, agile, and lovely dog.

Jettie looked calm.  We brought him outside and he was fast.  He was also a young dog so I could grow up with him.

Every day, Jettie is there to wake me up.  He licks me in the face.  He wags his tail.  That’s how I know he loves me.  All day long, we could play together like true best friends.

Jettie is not only happy to have us as his owners, but we are also happy to have him as our pet.  Jettie gives our family love, protection, and entertainment.  Every family could use a companion like him.


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