| October 11, 2014

After being carried up to the tallest tower of Hogwarts, Nortle is now given to 19-year-old Charlie Weasley. Nortle, who is a Noregonridgeback dragon, was having a bad day.

In the morning he was just minding his business in a little nest, when a wizard in a big black robe that looked twice his size picked him up and threw him into a cage. Little did he realize, he was born and raised in a hut on the grounds of Hogwarts. He is still a little baby, but what does the wizard care. He’s just here to take Nortle away.

Nortle was stuck in that cage for hours till he was taken to the tallest tower of Hogwarts. Charlie is a tall 19-year-old boy with red hair. Charlie told him he’s being transferred to a dragon reserve area in the Alps. Nortle didn’t understand a word he said. Charlie started strapping Nortle’s cage onto a broom. Nortle’s thinking, “What are going to do with a broom? Sweep me across the country?!”

“Don’t worry I know what you’re thinking, but all dragons are wanted dead by dark and we’re an easy target on the ground, so we are going to fly”, said Charlie.

Wizards made Nortle a lot more cautious. One second later, they were in the gloomy sky, flying with the clouds over the country.

“It will be a couple hours till we get there,” yelled Charlie over the sound of the wind. After that note Nortle decided to have some shuteye.

He woke up to see Charlie casting spells like crazy and people around them in black robes and on brooms like Charlie’s, casting and redirecting spells toward Charlie. One spell hit their broom and they started to plummet down to earth.

They started to enter a canyon, then they Nortle saw a river and hoped Charlie and him were going to land in it … Smash! They hit the water hard. Nortle’s cage shattered with a “Crunch!” Nortle felt a hand slip around him. It was Charlie slowly swimming to the shore with Nortle.

They got to the side and started looking for cover. It was a rocky shore, slightly covered in snow. Nortle thought he was going to freeze his tail off, while Charlie, next to him, had his teeth clattering away. Meanwhile, there were dark wizards flying to the ground and popping out of nowhere. Charlie started sending out distress signals which looked a lot like a red flare, it went off with a “Bang!!” Nortle bet everyone in a 30-mile radius could hear that, but that’s most likely the point. Three seconds after the bang, wizards in yellow sweatshirts started to pop into the battleground and began to blast their foes.

“These are my—err—helpers. They came to get us out of here,” said Charlie as a helper flew down on a broom.

It was a brunette girl on the broom. Charlie called her by Jannet.

“Sir, I’ve come to take you to the reserve zone,” yelled Janet over the explosions.

So Charlie grabbed Nortle, hopped on the broom and zoomed up into the clouds. Nortle took a look and he saw a cloudy sky filled with yellow dots.

“We’re nearly there Sir,” said Janet.

They flew for a while and soon they were flying over a dark green forest. Nortle saw sudden bursts of fire of every color. There are big wings pushing out and dragons flying about. There was a big clearing with dozens of three story cabins. Little baby dragons were roaming around in the center. They touched down and Charlie grabbed Nortle and said, “You’ll be staying with the little Noregonridgebacks in the center.”

“I’m safe,” thought Nortle with a sigh of relief.


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