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| February 13, 2016

Hi! My name is Nessa. I’m 16 and I have a car, but my mom doesn’t let me drive it. Sorry I didn’t introduce my mom, let me: Blond, Bossy and Boring. Let me tell you about my life. I have no freedom, no pet, no phone and not many friends. (FYI, that’s because of my mom.) Some of the time my mom let’s me dance, if (yawn) my mom does, too.

I have a friend whose name is Alyssa. She is so free! I want to be just like her. I also like dogs. I know I said I don’t have a pet, but Alyssa has two dogs. I always say she’s lucky … because she is. So, if you want to know what I want, it’s to be free.

Sometimes, Alyssa brings her dogs. Their names are Lucy and Charlie.

So, maybe I’ll tell you about a boy. Well, his name is Luke. He is 17 and his mom is not like him. He sits next to me in class.

So, one day, I went to school. I go to school, don’t you? Anyhow, I went to school and I was looking at something. I tore a page out of my book and I started to draw when I was supposed to learn. Then the teacher called on me, but I was too busy to hear her until she YELLED IN MY EAR!!

It was so humiliating for me. Everyone was laughing at me, including the teacher.

Everyone except Luke. He was frowning because he thought they were laughing at him. I told Luke they were laughing at me. Then he smiled for the rest of the day.

Everyone laughed, pointed and they called me “Sketcher”. Luke felt foolish for thinking everyone was laughing at him when they were pointing at me.

When I got home, my mom said I could invite Alyssa to dance. My mom called my dad. He was flying in a plane over France. He said when he came back he would bring things for me. I went to my room to get something. I looked and I found it, but I also saw something else; it’s round and black. Alyssa came to tell me her favorite song was on. I showed her what I found.

I looked at a button. It was red. I know not to press red buttons from the movies. But, I was determined to see what happened. I pressed the button and the screen lit up. I saw a face. Alyssa asked if he was from NASA. The screen answered, “I have your Dad’s voice, words and videos.”

Three hours later and I checked on the little thingy. I asked the thing what to do. My mom isn’t letting me be free. Dad answered, “I think you need to talk to her.” I did.

I said, “I want to be free, Mom.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so earlier?” she said.

Wait! I could have said it?!!!!

Yeah … the next day … (yawn) … “Surprise!” said Dad. “DAD,” I said.

“Look what I have.” Dad was holding a poodle and a phone! My mom said, “I found a dance club … and I’m not going to be dancing.”

Everything was as planned and here’s what I found out:

Luke likes me.

I have more friends.

Alyssa has no more freedom.

I mean once Alyssa’s mom found out, she was like my mom was. But one thing I learned was talking is helping.


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