My Birthday

| July 19, 2013

Have you ever had a birthday where your friends came over to your house? Do you ever wonder how great that would be? Well, on my 8th birthday, 12 of my friends came over and it was a blast. No doubt, this was the most fun I’ve ever had. It all started on August 20, 2010. My best friend, Derrick, came, of course, because he always does. He came first, and Yuhei and a whole bunch of other friends came next. It was noon, so we ate lunch.

We had dumplings, and it was yummy. It was a beautiful, sunny day outside, so afterwards we went outside to play soccer. We had a game of six on six, and a lot of us were pulling off awesome moves, so many it seemed like they came rolling in like a thunderstorm. Derrick, Yuhei and David were some of my teammates, and at the end of the game my team won, 6-2. After soccer, we played a game of basketball.

My team won again, 18-12. I thought to myself that this was my lucky day. After we were done with basketball, it was starting to get dark, so we went back to the house. My friends went home at around 7:30 p.m., and I couldn’t help but think of how much fun I had. I loved every minute of my 8th birthday. That was until a year later when I celebrated my 9th birthday! I got to play games on the computer, along with board games like Clue and games with the Nerf ball, too. I was playing on this website called to play a game called Battlegear. Playing a Nerf ball game is fun; you get to fire bullets (fake ones, of course) and reload them. I reloaded my gun and got to fire at my opponents. I showed no mercy.


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