Mole Fun

| February 3, 2016

There lived a mole named Boo. He liked adventure, but his mother was afraid. She was scared of poisoned grain, mole traps, predators, and especially people.

One day, he wanted to go on an adventure. His father let Boo go, but Boo’s mother didn’t let him go.

Then she said, “Boo, don’t go!”

But Boo went. His supplies were water, safety kits, food, money, and more stuff. His adventures took him from Asia to America.

He met some new friends. Their names were Duplo, Graph, and Brad. Then, they slept, they ate together, and had lots of fun together. Then, one day, Boo took his friends to with him to Asia.

His trip was so fun. Boo called it mole fun!


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