Mission to Norway

| October 9, 2015

Once upon a time there lived a powerful king. One day he was looking on the map. There was a boy in Norway, but he dropped his ring then the pirates stole it and put it in their treasure box.

So the king’s son Bruct left Mexico and went to Norway. It was very cold there. Then he saw that the boy was crying.

“What is wrong little boy?” Bruct said. “I came with my friends Pavan and Sethsian. Now we passed the forest and saw a lake and a mountain.”

“But where’s the ship?” asked Pavan.

The pirates were gone. They were on one of the islands that we couldn’t find their home. But the pirates are so greedy that they don’t want to give the ring back to the boy. So we went over a bridge and went to the pirates’ home.

We all said, “Give that ring back to us!”

Then the pirates said, “No! You can not have the ring unless you know the password!” said Bejca one of the pirates.

“Abrakadabra!” we all said so the pirates gave the ring back to the boy.

So we returned to Mexico and the boy lived happily ever after.

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