Misleading Websites

| August 25, 2013

Would you liked to be tricked into thinking that tree octopi are real? Would you like to look like a fool in front of your friends? If not, the government should take down misleading websites. These websites will mess up children’s brains immediately, can contain viruses, and are tricky to use. These websites must be taken down.

The first reason why the government should take down these websites is that it will mess up children’s brains. Think about it – if an unsuspecting child reads about tree octopi and tells his friends about it, his friends, depending on their ages, will laugh at him or in turn will tell their other friends and a chain reaction may start. This is a problem that can get very big and hard to put down. Furthermore, if the child that heard about the tree octopi went online to see for him or herself and saw the website it would only make things worse. In this case, the government should take down these websites for the next generation’s sake.

Second, many of these hoax websites contain viruses. Nobody wants a virus murdering his or her computer. This would cause much difficulty and the computer user would have to spend extra money to repair the computer. For example, I was researching about hoax websites and I went to check out a website about making fast money, and when I clicked on it my security system warned me that this website may contain a virus. If I didn’t have a security system, think of what the website’s virus could have done to my computer! If the government took down these websites then none of this would happen.

Lastly, these hoax websites use cruel trickery to reel kids into some websites. They ask you to donate to their cause and if you were really convinced and donated then you would have just wasted your money on a non-existent association. Other fake websites will use fake proof such as fake photos and fake people to persuade you. For example the tree octopi website uses fake photos, and the Martin Luther King Jr. hoax site also uses fakes sources to corrupt men and women alike. For example, the Martin Luther King Jr. website uses a fake passage from a book to say that Martin Luther King Jr. was a drug user and a communist. Websites also like to use fake links and books in their bibliographies.

In conclusion, there are many corrupt and evil websites lurking around waiting for their next victims. Remember that websites use fake facts, fake photos, and fake sources to persuade us. Be careful of which websites you use because who wants to have a messed up brain for life?

— Chloe Chou


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