| February 7, 2016

On a pouring rainy day, sat a wet, soaked German Shepherd panting on the garbage can. Her name is Maya. Every day, she wanders around the hideous garbage dump to find food. Maya, the German Shepherd, has a pair of pointy ears to keep her alert and the most special thing that’s negative about her is she’s very bony. You could see her rib bones and her legs are like pieces of thread. Can you imagine stray dogs like that? But, on the other hand, she is as sweet as tasting a spoonful of honey. So, all she wants is a loving family that will adopt her, take good care of her, and give her lots of love and attention.

One day, she got very sick of digging through the smelly, horrible garbage dump. So, she decided to leave the dump and go to places where there were more chances of getting adopted, but she didn’t know where to go. So, she started crawling around the street where it was dark and cold, with homeless people staring at her, she was terrified. But, suddenly, when she looked up she saw a big round structure that stood in the middle of nowhere. From the structure, crowds cheered.

“Let’s go, Oakland!” the broadcaster announced.

“Now, Josh Reddick!” Maya felt like her heart was leaping out.

“This is my destiny,” she thought.

Then a light bulb popped into her head. She sprinted toward the entrance of the Oakland Athletics and Raiders’ Coliseum. She looked around the big strange area where she saw gray walls and smelled food such as hot dogs, nachos and French fries. As she was walking by, in front of her was a gigantic field with what she thought were tiny people holding tiny bats and tiny pitchers pitching tiny balls, some holding tiny props.

Maya couldn’t wait! She ran down the stairs at the speed of lightning and jumped to the top of the A’s dugout and leaped onto the field. She felt so free running around.

But the audience was saying, “Look, there’s a dog!”





Maya was frightened. She froze in the middle of the field. She thought, “What should I do? I’m stuck here now.”

Suddenly, a bald eagle flew by and picked the German Shepherd up into the sky with its claws. They flew high above the stadium for 20 minutes. After, they started descending. They landed at Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation which is known as ARF.

An employee found Maya walking around the entrance and brought her in for treatment and took care of her.

At ARF, Maya was recovering and being loved.

One day, a miracle happened. A little girl with blonde hair and a pink hair band called Kaleya McKenzie was looking at Maya. In the blink of an eye, the whole McKenzie family was there. Then, she got brought out to do some tests. At last, she got adopted.

Maya is at home now and gets lots of attention and love, but she also loves annoying her “stepbrother” which is Edward the cat. Now, she learns to do tricks and lives happily ever after.


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