| September 26, 2013

On a cool windy day, Lully’s team went to Fishman Land. Lully’s team saw a huge machine bear. He was super strong and, for once, Lully’s team couldn’t win.

Lully said, “Everyone run, but not Zoro and Sanji.”

Lully used second gear, Zoro used three swords, and Sanji used fire kick. Their attack was no use! Bear used Fly against the team.

Lully said, “In two years, we will meet again at Fishman Land.”

Nami went to The Haven, Usopp went to The Forest, Robin went to The Snowy Place, and Sparky went to The Machine Place. Brook went to The Ghost Place. Sanji went to The Ugly Girl Place. Zoro went to The Castle. Lully went to a place that is all girls. Chopper went to an island.


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