The Lost Bear

| December 18, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived a cub and his family. One day, Papa Bear got his son so raging that he just went to bed. That night, Little Bear ran off into the woods.

The next morning, his parents were wondering where their son was. They looked in every place in their house.

Back at the woods, the cub was not mad anymore. But he was lost. He looked around, but all were trees. He wished he didn’t run off into the woods. He looked at his hands. Then he started to cry.

After he stopped crying he saw some food. He started running to it. But when he got there, he got trapped and sent to the pet store.

He got put into a cage. He felt really scared and sad.

His parents saw his footsteps and it led them to the pet shop. They looked in the window and saw their cub, so they burst in to save their son. They all felt relieved and happy to be together again.


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