Life on the Norwegian Jewel

| February 22, 2016

Last summer, in August, grandma and my mom, dad, sisters, and I boarded the Norwegian Jewel.  We then set sail to Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Alaska, and Victoria, Canada.  It was an unforgettable experience.  My friends, Alice Feng, Alice Mac, Meryl, and Clara came, too.

Living on the Norwegian Jewel was worth every penny.  The room keepers folded animals out of bath towels.  The Garden Buffet and Azura restaurants had sparkling water drinks and fancy dishes and fancy food. (Don’t forget desert!)

On my first night on the ship, I got a fancy crab salad with raspberry vinaigrette and a cherry-vanilla-ice-cream-jubilee.

My living quarters were in a room with Sabrina and my grandma.  Sabrina got the top bunk, while I got the bottom bunk.  My grandma got the bed across from us.  Our room was small but comfortable, and the heater was always adjusted to our likings.

The Norwegian Jewel cruise trip was very exciting.  We visited five different cities on a luxurious cruise ship.  It was the best way to spend our summer vacation!  (Not to mention it was a great summer vacation!)


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