The Kidnapper

| September 28, 2014

It was a week before opening day for the fun theater. But things weren’t going as expected. Two of the main characters were kidnapped! I suggest reading chapter two to find out the mystery.

“Oh no!” said Melody, the director, “I have to find out who did this! I’m calling my twin sister to help me! She is a detective.”

“Okay, Bye. She said she would come and help. I told her to come fast. I want some of you to come. Okay, Mark, Valentine and John, you’re coming in a limousine. Oh, and you, too, Ethan. There’s my sister. Fine, all actors can come. Let’s go!”

They finally reached Melody’s sister’s house.

“Meet my sister Claire,” said Melody.

“So, do you have you known any enemies?” asked Claire.

“Well, Dad and my best friend Clementine are my enemies.” Said Melody.

“Dad is too old to go around kidnapping, but he could have hired someone. Wait, what about Clementine,” said Mark.

“She could have done it. I’ll keep them both on my list,” said Claire.

Melody drove back to the FUN theater. They finished the rest of the movie. It was six long hours. The smell of the theater was great. It was night by then, so everyone went home. While Claire was at home, she thought and thought and thought about the crime.

“Valentine was the only other person down stairs besides the people who were kidnapped! Oh, no. I can’t believe I forgot! I have got to call Melody!”

“Hi, Melody. I found out who committed the crime.”

“Wow!” said Melody. “Who?”

“Valentine did.”

Claire said, ”I can’t believe it.”

“I’ll call the police,” said Melody.

Soon Valentine was arrested.


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