The Ice Dragon

| November 14, 2014

The story of the Ice Dragon is a very interesting tale about a blacksmith named James. His quest is to find the legendary dragon, and slay it to save his people. He will choose a team to help and guide him through his tough journey. James will have to go through the darkest places to find the dragon. His story will begin in Curry village where he works as a blacksmith. The tale begins in a blacksmith shop with James and Old Man Jenkins.

“James! Come here!” yelled Jenkins.

“I am coming!” said James.

“James, the dragon has woken!” explained Jenkins.

“What do you mean?” said James.

“The dragon is real! It froze Tiki village!” shouted Jenkins.

“We have to do something,” stated James.

“What do you mean?” said Jenkins.

“We have to warn the village,” explained James.

So, James and Jenkins told the whole village about the Ice dragon. Soon, James had a big idea.

James had the idea to make a fire sword to melt the dragon’s armor. So, James crafted the most brilliant sword he ever made. James started using the sword against wood. The sword was made out of iron, and had a button that would spill all over the blade and made a sword to ignite the fire. Soon, when James was training, his friends came by and heard he was going to try to slay the dragon. They asked if he could make more fine swords because they wanted to help.

Now, as James and his team have been training for months and weeks, they heard a loud scream.

“What was that!?” shouted James.

His friend shouted, “Dragon!”

James quickly got his gear along with his friends. Then, out of nowhere the Ice Dragon attacked! James and his team melted the solid armor and attacked the Dragon! Soon, after a long battle, James ran and took the final blow to the dragon’s chest and slayed it.

As the legend has made James and his team famous, there is now a statue at Curry village. Their bravery helped the village survive and remain.


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