How to Get 5 Cents Off Gum Balls

| February 21, 2016

Here would be how to get 5 cents off gum balls.  This does not include breaking open, taking a gum ball out, putting 20 cents in, and screwing back on.

So, you see a gum ball machine.  It cost 25 cents.  Why can’t it be 20 cents?  So, here’s how to do this.

See a zero sticker on the floor under the table.  Go under the table, pick up the sticker.  At three o’clock in the morning, when there are no guards, put the zero sticker on top of the five sticker.

The next day, pay it with 20 cents.  Ta da!  You save five cents!

Okay, if somebody figured out the zero sticker was over the five sticker, then don’t worry.  I have the second way to do this.

Go to an arcade center, and put the zero sticker on top of the five sticker because tokens costs 25 cents.  Pay the token with 20 cents.  Get the token.

Now, go to the gum ball machine right there.  Insert the token.  Get the gum ball.  This worked because the token was the same size as a quarter.


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