| December 13, 2015

Sitting behind the Nazi’s gate, Sophie clearly remembered the day it all started. It all happened on Sophie’s 12th birthday. Mom and Dad had gifted her with a beautiful pearl necklace. Saying goodnight to her parents, she saw a beautiful bright baby bird struggling to fly from the window. Little did she know how important that little bird was going to be. Putting the necklace on her dresser, Sophie got into bed.

A few hours later, Sophie woke up hearing a loud knock at the door. Getting wearily out of bed, she went downstairs and hid behind a tall plant. Her father answered the door. Outside the door were Nazi soldiers! What were they doing in her family’s small Jewish home?

Before she could process the thought, one soldier pulled out what looked like a match. Suddenly, smoke filled the air. Sophie had no time to feel scared. She snatched her necklace from upstairs and her parents and her dodged the Nazi soldiers and ran out the door. Sophie saw her parents falling behind, but her parents told her not to stop, so she kept running. That was the biggest mistake of her life.

Sophie shook out of that memory and began to wonder if her parents made it. Wandering around, Sophie forgot that she crossed the fence. A Nazi soldier spotted her. He tried to grab Sophie but instead grabbed her necklace. Sophie fell to the ground crying and felt so alone. She heard a gunshot from the distance. Then she saw a bird—the same bird she saw the night before. It was carrying something. Could it be?
Yes! It was her necklace. Sophie harbored the bird for a few days and named it Hope. Sophie wasn’t alone anymore now that she and Hope were together.

Sophie and Hope took shelter in an empty barn, at least so they thought. “Come on Hope,” Sophie whispered to the Hope, as they pushed open the heavy barn door. Sophie and Hope spotted a group of people dressed in camo shirts and pants. “Look, Hope!” exclaimed Sophie. “Other people!” mused Sophie.

“Halt! Who are you?!” demanded the people in uniforms. Sophie told them her story.

“Ok, you may join us,” said the people. Sophie joins them and soon learns that they are Jewish people who are fighting the Nazis. One of the people in the group turned out to be her mom!

After a few battles, Sophie knew they had made it. Sophie had found her dad in one of the many battles. The war was over. They had won. Sophie was never letting go of her Mom, Dad, and Hope. Everything has changed, even her.


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