The History of the War of Wormopolis and Stinkbugville

| November 16, 2014

Part 1

It was six in the morning in the heart of Wormopolis. Worm Joe woke up to the blinding sunlight then dried in an instant. Don’t worry; this is really normal for worm societies. There are about 150 deaths of worms a day, because they have the memory of a goldfish and get dried out by the sun. Anyway, there was a special worm; the most important worm of them all, Worm Bob, who worked in the Wormopolis Military.

Worm Bob had a talent. Since he was very special, Worm Bob moved very quickly. He could make weapons, cook food, make ships, and create plans in less than five seconds.

Now, we turn over to the other side of the continent of Bug World. This specific city was gloomy and dark. Everyone complained about everything that happened.

“Why does it have to be so hot?”

“Where’s the life in you, dumbo?”

“Why do all of the bathrooms have to be this color?”

“The service here is too slow. I want my water!!!”

The gloomiest person in Stinkbugville is President Miserable. He was especially jealous of all the things that Worm Bob makes for Wormopolis. No one in Stinkbugville ever is satisfied with the military services. All the soldiers do is run around screaming like maniacs and pretend to fight with foam swords. So to fix this problem, President Miserable issued a law that every Stinkbug citizen must take a test to see if they were worthy of being in the Stinkbug Military. Everyone who passed the test MUST participate in war.

So, President Miserable declared war on Wormopolis.

Part 2: The War Begins

There were three separate wars in the Bug Wars between Wormopolis and Stinkbugville.

In the first war, the Stinkbugs attacked (well, attempted to). First, Worm Bob scurried out to the battlefield and erected a wall made of indestructible bricks. The Worms shot a gumball cannon at the Stinkbugs, and they won the war! The Stinkbugs retreated and it was a miracle. There was no destruction at all.

The second war was a tragedy. There were HUMANS!!! (Bugs are terrified of humans!) It was a little girl that was skipping around stepped on tons of bugs that were squashed by the “giant” foot of the little girl. There were many grave deaths of bugs. And that day was celebrated years on forever and ever.

Anyway, the third war was a success! The Worms won! This is how it all went down: The Stinkbugs were waiting for the Worms to arrive in Stinkbugville. On the other hand, the Worms waited for the Stinkbugs to arrive.

After waiting for 21 hours, the Worms decided to put Worm Bob on the case. So, Worm Bob built a 500-foot periscope that could see up to 1,000,000 miles. The Wormopolis citizens use the periscope to check on the Stinkbugs. After seeing the Ladybugs just waiting, someone spoke.

“Why are they just waiting?” someone asked.

“I don’t know,” responded General S.L.I.M.E. (Steve Lollipop Incinerate Macaroon Edwards)

However, Worm Bob said, “Wait! This gives us a chance to sneak up on them and attack. Let’s go!”

So, the Worms speed-traveled to Stinkbugville on top of Worm Bob. Worm Bob stopped about 10 miles away from Stinkbugville.

When they made their plan to have one Worm distract the guards, they executed their plan. Worm Billybob was the one to distract the Stinkbugs while the others went in and hid.

As Worm Billybob inched up to the gates, the guards asked him, “What is your business? There are no Worms allowed in Stinkbugville.”

“I need help and shelter. I’ve been travelling, and I am lost,” responded Worm Billbob.

“Fine, what do you need?” the guard snapped.

“Great, I’m going to need a house … no … a mansion to sleep in. I’m also going to have to have the perfect heater in it. I also need to have room temperature water with a small lemon slice with exactly three inches in diameter. Every morning, I want a gourmet breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, oatmeal, cereal, waffles with warm maple syrup, bagels with cream cheese, toast with butter, fresh fruit, and sweet vanilla yogurt. Thanks! If you don’t have this all, then I’ll … I’ll … um … Oh, I’ll sue you.”

“Okay, okay!!! Uh, all the guards go get whatever this scary Worm wants. Where would you like your mansion, Sire?”

“On the very top of Mount Sushi!” said Worm Billbob cleverly.

The confused guard complained, “You mean the one that’s 6,000 feet high?”

Worm Billbob just nodded in delight.

So while the guards were distracted, all the other Worms sneaked into Stinkbugville with ladybug costumes.

After they deceive every Stinkbug that they passed by, the Worms hid behind houses, down alleys, in trashcans, and on top of buildings. General S.L.I.M.E. made a plan to attack at a specific time. Since all worms were given a watch, at exactly 3:55 p.m., they will hear a horn that will signal the attack on the Stinkbugs.

So when the time came, there was a loud, echoing sound that all the Worms recognized. It was the signal. All the Worms came out screaming and attacking, but before they could destroy anything, a big helicopter appears in the sky and drops a bucket of paint over all of Stinkbugville. The Worms went back to Wormopolis and the Stinkbugs sought shelter. So, I guess no one actually won the war.


So in the end, the Worms that went to war in Stinkbugville were now all pink. And after both cities were covered in paint, they both never fought in wars again. Both were forever too scared to be covered in pink paint again. So, both cities lived in peace and swore to never start another war.

The End


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