The Haunted House

| December 6, 2014

One day, three friends, Rosa, Mia, and Juliet were reading books in the library.

“Hey, look at this legend,” whispered Mia, “It’s about the old Conner house at the end of the block. Want to hear it?”

“Sure,” answered Rosa.

“Why not,” said Juliet.

“Okay, then,” said Mia, “In 1800, a wealthy man by the name of James Conner, lived peacefully at his house. But, one morning, the maid went to the sitting room and found Conner dead. The strange thing is that when everybody went to the sitting room, the body was gone. The body of James Conner was never found. Rumor is that his ghost is still searching for his body, but they say that his ghost is more desperate on Halloween night.”

“That’s a spooky ghost story,” said Juliet, “Maybe we can see the ghost ourselves, Halloween is tomorrow anyway.”

“I guess,” said Rosa, though the idea scared her a bit.

“Of course, I’m in!” exclaimed Mia.

When it was dark outside on Halloween, the girls went past the many trick-or-treaters to the Conner House. Rosa was getting nervous. She was scared of the dark and the house looked menacing, but her friends encouraged her to go.

“It’ll be so much fun!” said Mia excitedly.

Juliet pushed open the rusted iron gates, which creaked when Juliet push them. They approached the door noiselessly, Mia turned the doorknob and opened the door.

One by one, they filed into the household, the smell of decay filled their nostrils.

“Have any of you brought a flashlight?” asked Rosa.

“I have one,” answered Mia. She took out her flashlight and turned it on.

Rosa said, “Can we keep the door open? I feel better if I know we can run—”

The rest of her sentence was drowned by the door slamming so hard that the whole house seemed to shake, but no one was there.

“I’m scared,” whispered Rosa.

“Probably just the wind,” said Mia, though she sounded very unsure of herself.

The girls walked deeper into the musty house, Mia holding the flashlight in front of them. As far as they could see, a fine film of dust covered everything.

“Look! There’s a book on the ground and it has hand prints on the cover,” whispered Juliet urgently.

Rosa picked it up and exclaimed, “It’s a diary!” as she riffled through the yellowed pages.

Mia said, with sudden inspiration, “Look at the last entry!”

Rosa did as her friend said.

Juliet whispered, “Look at the date, it’s the same day he died! Read the entry.”

Rosa read, “100 columns in a row, many golden treasures that I know, you will have no dismay, Conner shows the way.”

“Sounds like a riddle,” said Juliet.

All of a sudden, thumping noises came from the ceiling.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed all three girls.

In front of them, a figure of a man, ghostly white, was floating.

They ran toward the dust-coated stairs and climbed up until they reached the top where they stopped from shock because of what they saw.

They were in a room, but unlike the room downstairs, it was completely dust free. The floor had milky white tiles and heavy velvet curtains covering the windows. There was a dancing fire in the grate and a magnificent portrait of a man pointing out the window. Sitting in a plush sofa was a man wearing a neat black suit, writing in a small book. Behind him, a man in a black hood and clothes stepped out from the shadows. He produced a piece of rope from his pocket and strangled the man who was writing. The man writing in the book fell dead.

Then, there was a blinding flash of light. When the light was gone, they were standing in the same room except much dustier and older-looking. There was still a fire burning and a weird smell in the air. Fear etched on every part of their faces, they ran through another door into a different room.
This time, an aged-looking woman was sleeping on a bed. The room itself still looked very dusty.

“Let’s wake her up,” whispered Mia.

They tiptoed up to the woman. When they got closer, she looked even older. She had wiry, white hair and wrinkled skin. They shook her gently and she slowly stirred. For a moment or two, she just stared at them. Then she got up and out of the old rickety bed.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“We wanted to see if the legend about this place being haunted is true,” said Mia nervously.

“But the legend shouldn’t be true. By the way, I’m Amy Conner, great-great-granddaughter and the last Conner. Who are you?” asked Amy Conner.

“We are Mia, Rosa, and Juliet,” said Juliet, while pointing to each of them.

Mia said, “I’ve got a question for you, Ms. Conner. Did—”

“Oh, please call me Amy.” said Amy.

“Okay,” said Mia, “Did you do something to make the door slam close when no one was there, make thumping noises, project a ghost and make us hallucinate?”

“Well, yes, I’m sorry I did it. You are such nice girls.” said Amy, with remorse on every inch of her face.

“How?” asked Mia.

Amy hesitated before she answered. “For the treasure of gold my great-great-grandfather left for his family. I was trying to scare you out of the house, because I thought you would steal the treasure.”

“We didn’t even know about the treasure until we read the diary. I doubt anyone but you, James Conner, and we knew about the treasure. Can you tell us how you did it?” asked Mia.

“I use wires for the slamming door, stomped for the thumping noises, I projected the ghost, and I used a special type of wood called dream wood to make the hallucination.”

“I think I know where the treasure is.” said Juliet suddenly.

Juliet went to the room with the portrait of a man pointing. She opened the heavy moth-eaten curtain.

“In the riddle, it said Conner shows the way and over there is a picture of James Conner pointing out the window to a column. So, the treasure must be in that column.” explained Juliet.

They all ran outside and approached the column.

“How do we get the treasure?” asked Amy.

“You can try pushing the column,” suggested Rosa.

Amy pushed the column and it broke into two pieces, in one of the halves contained a bulging, black bag.

Amy exclaimed “The treasure! Thank you girls you so much! I couldn’t have done it without you. You could visit me any time if you want.”

The three girls left the house after promising Amy that they would visit.

As they looked back into the sitting room window, they thought they saw a white figure waved at them.

“You know, maybe some mysteries ought not to be solved.” said Mia

“I agree.” said her friends.

And they talked about their adventure as they walked home.


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