Halloween Day

| November 27, 2012

On the day of Halloween, Carissa and her friends planned on having a sleepover and the old haunted house down the street from Carissa’s house. So Carissa and her friends packed their stuff and headed down the street to the Manor house. Once they got there they opened the door and thought it was just a myth. Later at 12:00 am the girls started hearing strange things coming from upstairs. They thought it was nothing. Later on at 1:37 they heard it again and so they went upstairs and found dead bodies everywhere and they screamed. Somebody from next door heard a scream but the next day Carissa and her friends were missing and never could be found. The End.

Note: This unedited post was written by a young writer visiting the Lekha booth at the 2012 Take Flight for Kids festival.

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