Guardian of the Pandorica

| September 7, 2014

I grew up twice, once as a modern person and once as an ancient Roman.

One random day, I heard the sound of the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) ringing through the air. I watched as the Doctor and Amy greeted the guards and they were led into a tent. They rushed out of the camp on horses with River.

That night, the Doctor returned asking for an army, I volunteered. Before I knew it, I was standing next to the Doctor as he stared at me stunned. I asked him why Amy didn’t remember me.

Suddenly, I could not move anymore. My fingertip fell off and I turned into a Robot. Without a warning some kind of alien projectile shot from my hand and I had hit the one I loved: Amelia Pond.

There was no way to save her, until the Doctor appeared in front of me and instructed me to put Amy in the Pandorica. It was the only way to save her.

I stood guard for two thousand years to protect her. My name is Rory Arthur Williams, Guardian of the Pandorica, and this is the story of how I survived death, again.

“EXTERMINATE!” the Dalek cried, shooting in every direction.

“572,” Rory muttered as he shot the Dalek.

He drew a line on the wall that kept track of how many attacks he got each year.

“Man, I guess being a robot is OK. Well, I don’t age, I know self-defense and emotions. Darn! 40 more years to go. I might as well DIE of boredom. If only I could die at all,” Rory thought.

A distant rumbling shook the cave he was waiting in. “WE ARE DALEKS! WE ARE THE SUPREME LIFE FORMS! GIVE US THE PANDORICA!” a voice boomed overhead as Rory stood up.

“Okay, that’s a new one…” Rory said as he grabbed his shield. “I was thinking they had ran out of ideas.”

He sauntered outside and found at least a hundred Dalek ships surrounding him.

“Um…Right, the Pandorica! First priority!”

A massive explosion was heard as Rory ran back into the cave.


Rory remembered the voice and found out who it was: the Cybermen.

Rory felt a strong impact hit him in the stomach. Flying back he slammed against a dirt wall. He had been shot and was dying. He had heard the Cybermens’ footsteps marching away with the Pandorica.

“AMY!!!” Rory yelled getting up.

He fired repeatedly at the Cybermen, who, one by one, collapsed on the ground. Rory dragged himself to the Pandorica as the caved turned black and the sound of the Daleks flying away faded into silence. Rory was dead.
Light filtered the room of the museum. Aching, Rory got up.

“I’m alive! Or and I dead? Amy? Doctor? River? Where is everybody?” he thought.

He saw a security guard stroll into the room. Knocking him out, Rory took the guard’s clothes and threw the body away. Then, he saw a young girl walk by.

“Hmm…She looks like Amy,” he thought.

The girl touched the Pandorica and it shifted. The Pandorica was open again.


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