Great America

| June 29, 2012

One day my mom decided to take me to Great America. I was so excited I was speechless. I questioned my mom if we could go on a rollercoaster and she said yes! I was exploding with excitement. Quickly we went into the car with my dad and brother and we drove to Great America. We quickly got out of the car. Then we headed to the gates.

The guards checked our backpack to see if it had bad weapons inside it, and then we headed into Great America. First I looked around. The air smelled fresh. My mom, my dad, my brother and I went on the carousel. My brother Ian chose a giraffe to ride on. I chose a sleek tan horse. My mom and dad also chose horses. Ian had chosen his giraffe on the edge, but when the ride started we found out that animals on the edge don’t actually go up and down.

“Bummer,” Ian said. We got off the ride and headed to the food court. We ordered four corn dogs with ketchup and mustard on them. They handed four corn dogs to us and we sat down to eat. They were delicious and perfectly cooked. We finished our corn dogs and dashed to the ice cream stall. We shared chocolate and vanilla ice cream!

Finally we went on the rollercoaster called “Mouse Trap” two times. Whenever you went around the corner, you felt like you were going to fall. Whenever you went down, your stomach felt empty. Finally we were done with “Mouse Trap.”

We headed to the big rollercoaster called the “Grizzly Bear!” Quickly we went in line without my mom, who doesn’t like rollercoasters. They make her sick and dizzy. On the ride, there were only two seats in each row, so my dad sat in the back of Ian and me. We sat in front of him. We put on our seatbelts and tightened them and the rollercoaster started! It went up and down and curved and soon it was done. We went on it two more times.

I heard bumps and cracks on the rollercoaster. When my mom told us we couldn’t go a third time, my brother, my dad and I were so upset. Finally my mom agreed! We went one more time on the “Grizzly Bear!” I heard rushing air pick up speed as we went over the top. I felt rushing air pressing on my skin. I saw all of Great America when I got to the top. I felt the handlebar. It was soft and smooth.

“At least this is great,” I thought to myself. We all screamed as the rollercoaster dove down, losing the beautiful sight of Great America!

—Malia Hoey


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