Grand Larceny I

| November 5, 2015

Rody was the average horse—until he gained superpowers. He kept them secret, but every horse knew about them. He could do atomic farts, fly, kick, float on water, use laser vision, had super strength and was invincible. He was the model for horses—until Bobby came along. He was the richest horse and even had human servants! Rody, who was just living in an average house, was jealous. It was right there so he decided to steal all 100 million dollars. Using his brain, he analyzed the compound and figured out how to get to the safe. It was go time.

When it was night, he silently broke into the compound by smashing through ten one-foot thick doors made from steel. Thankfully, he had cut the power so the alarm didn’t go off. But suddenly, a guard appeared holding a banana gun! How did he know bananas were his weakness? After knocking him out, he escaped because he knew, without his superpowers, he couldn’t get the money. After recalculating, he figured out he couldn’t get the money without a team, so he set out to find one.

All of his friends volunteered because they were also jealous. After months of training, they were ready. Rody would communicate with them while they stole the money. The plan was put to the test. His horse friends barged in without making a sound. Then, they went down the hallway but instead of a single guard, they met 30 of them! Each was armed with a pistol and they ran back. After losing the guards, they took a break. They told Rody what happened, and he figured out a new plan. He would need more people.

The plan was to distract the 30 guards and then a second team would rush in and steal the money from the safe. He had forgotten to cut the electricity, so the alarm went off. Rody had to destroy the evidence, and then had to escape before they brought the banana guns. He managed to escape just in time.

Rody decided to try his plan one more time. If nothing went wrong, he would be rich! Nothing went wrong this time, and when the sun rose, 30 guards were gone so they were knocked out and the safe was emptied. Bobby screamed in disbelief, and his cameras showed that nothing had happened. After three searches, Bobby gave up. He was happy and did a dance. He gave the money to his helpers and in the end, he had 50 million dollars left. Using the money, he lived a happy life.


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