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Hi, I’m Endie. I’m 18 and a demon spawn. Yeah, that’s weird, but at least I have a motorcycle!!! :) Heck, yeah! Whoooo, high five! :) Yeah, I have friends, but they’re in another video game. Wait, I’m late! Oh, my god … that rhymes.

A few hours later. I didn’t get my bounty, he died, Okay, creepy, right? Yeah, what I thought.

“Oh, hi Kreanen.”

“I’m gonna kill you dead, Endie!”

“Please don’t and why?”

“Me, Levan and Syphoon are fighting the one Goliath in the war. Get the bounty and come!”

“Yo, yo, back off, bro. Okay, calm.”

“I am calm, idiot!”

“Okay, okay. Bye.”

Kreanen has freakin like anger issues. Okay, now to the bounty. A few minutes later.

“Coming, Syphoon.”

“Okay, don’t be late though less than half health.”

“How do we know that? We have health trackers. Oh, I haven’t introduced the problem, it’s that the creators of the game that’s coming”

December 2016, called Demon Hunters, Idie less than half of the game in and fans love me. I’m like the psycho of the freakin like game. Okay, Goliath time. Kreanen, are you there?”

“Yeah, stupid. Come and snipe this guy down.”

“In my sights….wooow that is the biggest Goliath I’ve ever seen. Kill it!! Kill it with fire! Ahhh! Stab it! Stab it!!…Hey, broke my daggers,” Pew, pew, pew, pew. “So many gunshots. OK, quest start new daggers. Old man, where is a place I can get new, better daggers? I mean, daggers.”

“Yes, I have them and I can give them to you.”

“Quest Endie! Yeah, but there has to be a twist, right?”

“No, here are the daggers. Hey, they look like glowing neon green smaller versions of Kratos’s swords. When you slice or stab enemies the dagger will poison them.”

“Yeah. Oh, my god, look out.” Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew doomp, boom. “Watch out, they have machine guns and rockets.” Slice, slice, pew, pew, pew, doomp, boom, doomp, boom, pew, pew, pew, stab, booooom.

“This must be the creator’s squad.”

“What, how does he know?”

“Pac-man is his friend. He is the spyer. He sends ghosts to spy on us. They must have taken weapons from Farcry. Let’s get some from destiny.” Pew, pew, pew, pew, doomp, stab, slice, slice .

“I think we can use some demons, Endie!”

“Yeah, I’ll spawn some magic nonsense talking boom, there are some demons. Chaos shall arise. Ahhhhhhhhh, retreat, retreat.” Doomp, boom, ppew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pe-ahhhh. Complete silence…

“Wow, glad that’s over.”

Two days later.

“Guys, the poison tracks people. Let’s ambush them this time. Let’s ambush them.”

One hour later.

“What, it’s supposed to be here.”

“That’s a clock you’re holding.”

“That way then. Uhh.”

One hour and 52 minutes later.

“Finally. OK” Some and Levan snipe and Kreanen, Tikloed and Syphoon go in.

“Levan, do you have a silencer?”

“Duhh, who doesn’t on a sniper?”

“OK, gooooo…” Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew.

“They got reinforcements, Levan.”

“I’ve got explosive rounds, Endie. You take out the guys. The truck is mine.” Boom, boom, boom, pew, pew, pew, boom, pew, silenced shot six times, pew, pew boom, boom.

“Levan, move to another position. Come with me.” Water splatter. “Okay, here.”


“Shoot now.” Pew, pew, silenced shot six times. Pew, pew.

“I’m shot!”

“Endie, don’t die, okay, umm. First aid kit, come on bag. Shufflyg has it. Okay, demons coming in. Magic words Chaos is here.”

“Who’s the big guy?”

“Ohh, he’s Chaos. If he fights the same faction two times he will rise.” Boooooooooooooooom, fire burning.

“Kreanen, Syphoon, load get out.”

“OK, got it. Let’s go guys. Get on your vehicles and come pick us up. Good ambush, guys. Epic job.”

Syphoon’s shy and patient and loves Parkour and chases and close combat. He’s a froglike character. Leaven is Syphoon’s brother, but nothing like him except Parkour so just think about him as the opposite of Syphoon.

Tikloed is the king of insects and arachnids.

“Yeah, I’m smart. Ranged not Parkour, awesome armor. Kill code is my brother close range. Loves melee and yeah, so that’s the team.

Back to action, I guess. Fifteen days later.

“Let’s raid their main facility.”



“OK, let’s do it cause I’m up for it. We’ve done enough bounties.”

“Actually it is a bounty. We have to do it at midnight.”

“Then let’s get that bounty.”

Twenty-three minutes later. By the time we get there, one hour and 46 minutes later. It’s 12:00.

“Let’s rush in, kill and get outside.” Slice, slice, stab, stab, silenced shot sixteen times. Stab, stab, stab. Ohh, kick.

Endie falls back and hits the alarm lever, alarm goes off and all of the sleeping guys wake up, grab guns and point. Smoke, boom, boom, smoke everywhere, pew, pew, pew, oww, pew, pew pew, pew… When the smoke cleared all of them were dead. They all shot each other.

“Wooo. They did it, good job!”

“Okay, one step closer. Guys, reinforcements!” Tikloed has a beetle hover vehicle. I have a black off-road skull infester motorcycle. Kreanen has a bloodlust truck. Leaven has a leave blade race motorcycle. Syphoon has a hopper car. Vroom, vroom, pppew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew.

“Ahhnnh! They’re shooting at us !” Doomp, boom, boom, boom, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, boom.

“What’s up, Killcode?”

“Hi, thought you could use some help!”

“Thanks, bro! Killcode has an attack chopper with really cool decals.”

“Some demons would be nice.” Magic words. Kill you, kill you, kill you.

What, they never say that—ahhh. They’re attacking us.” Scratch, scratch, slice, slice, pew, pew, pew, boom.

“Get your turbos!” Vrooooom.

“Whoa, there’s Pac-man. Watch out!”

“Yeah, it is Pac-man and you are the ghost. Ohh, look a power up.” Noooooooooooo.

“He’s faster, run! I mean driive. Shoot and blow him up Killcode!” Boom, boom, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew.

“It doesn’t do anything. His power up has to wear off.”

“Almost got me. Ahhhhhh—”

“He’s dead.” Wooomp. I’m back.

“Oh, never mind.” His power up wore off attack attack. Pew, pew, boom, boooooooooom!

“He’s dead.”

One day later. Through the curcluts you go out into the real world. Sacrifices must be made to kill the creator. Tiny at first and then bigger, you can kill what you desire. OK, let’s go dssss warp dssss. It’s the creator. But we’re tiny and he is giant with a shield.

“Who’s the sacrifice?”


“A sacrifice must be made, remember?” Noooo, Tickloed. Splat! We’re big, but Tickloed…

“Ahhh—” Pew, pew, slice, slice. Let’s go. Blackout…

“Huhh, what happened?”

“You were in a coma. But you’re back again. He shot you six times but none killed you. Let’s do bounties.”

“Whatever you want.”

Restore a soul bounty I got a teddy bear. Two hours later.

“Hi Tickloed.”

“What, I’m a teddy bear?” Better than nothing.

“Here’s your armor.”


“Let’s test out your killer teddy armor.”


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