Free Allowance

| November 10, 2014

Have you ever needed the money to buy something, but didn’t want to work for it? Well, I have and that’s why kids should have allowance without working for it. Kids should develop of a sense of helping others in need.

They should buy their own stuff and can buy their own stocks.

Kids should learn how to use some of their money for good causes. They can learn to donate some money. For example, they can help buy something like chickens for the poor. They will also learn how to deal with a lot of money like an adult.

I think kids should go and buy their own stuff. If they buy their own stuff, they will know what it feels like to be an adult. So, when they grow up, they won’t need help because they already know what it feels like. Also, to not bother their parents when they need to buy something.

They can buy their own stocks and earn more money. They can make their own money when they have their own stock accounts. When they have stock accounts, they don’t need to borrow money from anyone else. No more money from anything else means that their parents don’t need to give anymore allowance which is good for the adults.

As you can see, there are really good reasons of why kids should get allowance without working. They will learn how to have compassion and help others, buy their own stuff, and also to buy their own stocks responsibly.


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